Affordable Services That Can Improve Your Small Business

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Technology has changed over the last two decades. It’s allowed many of our small businesses to have a wider reach than we ever thought possible. But technology can also do more, and there are many ways that you can improve your business by adding affordable apps and services (these are sometimes even free) to your roster of business tools. Today’s tips will help you decide what tech to look into.

Inefficiency Cost More Than You Might Think

Being inefficient, whether that means in your warehouse or during payroll and tax time, costs companies a staggering $480 billion per year, possibly more. Although most small businesses never make that much in an entire lifetime, even wasting 10% of your annual revenue in lost productivity is a huge hit.

Tools And Services Built For You

You don’t have to have a corporate-sized budget to enjoy many of the same tools and services that large businesses have at their beck and call. A few options include:

  • E-signature tools. Business owners should strongly consider implementing e-signing for contracts, with Adobe Acrobat's online tool serving as a prime example. This approach offers notable advantages, primarily by eliminating the need to print and physically handle documents. It not only saves on paper, ink, and printing costs but also dramatically expedites the contract signing process. With e-signing, contracts can be signed instantly and from anywhere, enhancing efficiency and enabling faster deal closures. Moreover, it reduces the likelihood of errors or missing signatures, making it a reliable and convenient choice for modern businesses. Click for info about Acrobat’s game-changer of a tool.

  • Project management. Project management software is essential, and today, that means utilizing an online platform. This allows your team, whether they are together or remote, to collaborate at the same time. Many options for project management solutions that also assist with task tracking, sharing assets, and managing resources. Having your project in front of you allows you to discuss your goals and see which team members will help you get there, all from a central platform.

  • Accounting and invoicing. Now that you're saving time and money, it’s best to find a way to keep track of it. Signeasy showcases many invoicing software products, including FreshBooks, Wave, and PayPal, all of which offer free options.

  • Social media. Social media is a great way to promote your business, and it won’t cost you a dime to get started. One quick thing to keep in mind here, however, is that if your personal account is limited for any reason, you won’t be able to post to your business.

  • Marketing automation platforms. Simplify your marketing strategies by putting everything into one platform that supports you with automation. To help with your search, look for an option with AI prediction for audiences and segments and customer-triggered events that created individualized profiles. 

How To Showcase Your New Capabilities

Now that you’ve got some new services helping you along, it is a smart idea to let your customers know what they might expect moving forward. A few ways to do this include:

  • Visit networking events. Networking events are an opportunity to not only get to know your neighboring businesses but also to showcase your newest capabilities. Check out the events calendar for the Broomfield Area Chamber of Commerce to see what’s coming up.

  • Send an email. If you already have a mailing list, this is a great excuse to start clicking the keyboard. Let your customers know that you’ve recently made changes to improve their experience. Indeed offers information on how to draft the perfect email, which begins with a catchy and informative subject line and a polite greeting.

  • Drop a press release. You might not think something as simple as a new social media presence is worth a PR, but it is. According to The SMB Guide, there are lots of press release distribution platforms that can quickly and easily showcase your news to the world. As an added benefit, press releases may improve your search engine ranking and help you get found by more customers. 

Get Your Business Seen

We live in a digital age where access to technology is not only widespread but also affordable. When you’re ready to grow your business, the above tools can help you improve from the inside out. The result: happier customers and a better bottom line.

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